About Us


Charlotte B. : Our Photography & Techie. She’s always there when we need her! Her favorite hobbies are photography, thrifting, sewing, knitting, and just about everything. ❤


Summer G. : Our Modest Fashionista & Inspiration. Summer loves serving Jesus, playing her ukuleles + piano, reading, writing, modest fashion, spending time with her family, and a good cup of coffee. She’s always up for an adventure and loves to travel. She has a puppy named Buddy and is so excited to write for Joyfully You!


Karina Grace is a teenager who runs both a blog and photography business. She enjoys her free time by singing, reading, antiquing for vinyls, and chatting with her sisters. She is JY’s fashion consultant and a jack-of-all-trades. 


Caroline K.: Our Hair Tutorialist & DIYer. Her favorite hobbies include crafting, looking at blogs, writing, and being with people.  She is often found with a book about horses and a smile on her face ❤


Hadassah S. : The Founder of Joyfully You & Modest Fashionista. Hadassah blogs her outfits & accessories to brighten up her day and yours! Amateur violinist and sister to eight; her favorite hobbies are organizing her closet, blogging, antiquing, thrifting and refashioning, laughing with friends, playing soccer and drama, and of course, taking pictures with her Canon camera. She is so blessed to be working alongside with Christian girls like these! ❤


Geneva U. : Our Jack-Of-All-Trades, she pops up on JY every once in awhile to share a craft, hair style, or an occasional outfit. A sister to eight & strong Catholic, she loves reading, going to Church, dancing, acting, hanging out with friends, and rambling in the woods with friends, occasionally taking pictures along the way.


Julianne K. : Our Beauty, Crafter & Hair Tutorialist. Sister to Caroline K., as well as four others! She is a wonderful big sister, piano player, friend, and Christian. She’s always there when we need a hug! ❤

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Savannah H. : Our Creative Thinker & Jack-of-all-Trades. Savannah loves everything creative: writing poems and stories, cooking, crocheting, and even hairdressing. She often tromps around in her woods with her six siblings, enjoying God’s amazing creation and rejoicing in His many gifts around her. Although Savannah adores the outside world with its swimming, hiking, sports, and animals, the inside world with its reading, ballet, and theater also captivates her imagination. Her many thanks go to Hadassah for the invite to write with everyone on Joyfully You!! Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

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Honor P.:  JY’s fashion consultant and Jack-Of-All-trades. She enjoys reading, writing, and being with people. She is also appreciative of the merits of chocolate. Her hobbies include stargazing, sipping hot cocoa, reading aloud Shakespeare, and enjoying the company of good friends.


Claire K. : Our Crafter & Fashionista. Loving sister to three and beach-girl at heart, Claire lives down in Alabama near the coastline. She loves crafting, going to the beach, visiting with friends, and making things with her hands.