Outfit || Just Running Errands

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's Day- because it's not just about showing the people you love that you LOVE them- it's also remembering that Jesus LOVES us! Sometimes I get so giddy and happyyy just knowing that Jesus loves me inside and out. All my flaws, … Continue reading Outfit || Just Running Errands


Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

Hey ya'll! Today I just thought I'd share a couple cute Valentine hairstyle ideas. Feel free to try them out and look absolutely adorable on Valentine's day! This hairstyle is pretty and pulls off the Valentine look without feeling to strong or overwhelming. This is a nice soft, flowy hairstyle. I would recommend curling your … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

The Fun Things About Us!

Julianne K. -Today we thought it'd be fun if we gave you all some background on {some of} us! We know you all have heard the gist about us- teen girls who write a blog together, but today we're giving you the fun quarks and personality traits! We wish that we could all fit into one blog post. Today we're covering 6 out of 10 of us. 😀 - Hello my friends! Julianne here. I am 17 year … Continue reading The Fun Things About Us!

How I Study My Bible + tips for reading it || Encouragement With Summer

I often hear people talking about how they don't understand how to read the Bible or sometimes they just don't want to. When I first posted at the beginning of January about starting a new series EWS (Encouragement With Summer), someone requested that I do a post about how I study my Bible. Although I … Continue reading How I Study My Bible + tips for reading it || Encouragement With Summer