Thank you all for asking us questions! If you see a question below that’s not answered, contact us on the contact page up above 🙂

How can I join your team?

  • Here at JY, we’re always looking for new girls to blog! The founder of JY, Hadassah, will take your request seriously and other girls of our team. We’ll go through a background and social media check, and see who you are. If any of us know you in person, we’ll definitely see if you qualify! Our qualifications are: you have to be a Christian young lady or girl (above 12 yrs. old!), you have to be a GOOD person, and you have to dress modestly. You do not have to have a blog, do not have to live Ohio (where most of us are located), and you do not have to think twice about your writing skills- we have editors! 😉 We’ll also schedule a video chat with you with our mothers in the room as well, with lots of questions for you to answer. 🙂

Are you sisters?

  • In Christ, yes! But in blood, no. Julianne and Caroline K. are the only sister team around here.  Most of us have just grown up together & share the same birth years. We are all very close, and some of the girls were friends with Hadassah before meeting the other girls. 🙂 The girls have met through church, theater, being neighbors, and Summer through social media!

How old are you all?

  • We don’t give that exact info out, but most all of us are young ladies in our teenage years. 😉

What churches do you go to? Are you all Christians?

  • We all go to different churches (some of us do go to the same ones), but yes, we’re all daughters of Christ! Geneva is Catholic, and there’s some Baptists, OPCs, and Anglicans (Church of England) etc.

Where do you find modest clothes?

  • Everywhere! Thrift stores, boutiques, department stores, Amazon, Etsy… and remember, modesty doesn’t mean frumpy!

Where do you find modest clothing inspiration?

  • Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, blogs and Instagram. 😉 Some of us from each other’s outfits too!

Could I interview/guest post one of you -or all of you- on my blog?

  • Sure! Contact us in the contact page and we’ll get back to you asap. If you want a specific team member from JY, just specify, and she’ll be more than happy too! ❤

Where do you all live?

  • We all live in southwest Ohio (outside of Cincinnati), except Claire who lives in Alabama and Summer, who lives in Georgia.

How can I follow you?

  • You can follow our blog on the sidebar, or our Pinterest page, or follow along over on our Bloglovin’ page. We are also on Instagram and Youtube at @joyfullyyougals!


Caroline- February 24th

Savannah- March 3rd

Julianne- March 30th

Claire- May 20th

Summer- June 4th

Charlotte- June 30th

Geneva- July 9th

Honor- August 9th

Hadassah- November 6th

Karina- December 3rd

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